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Welcome to the Defcon Wifi Shootout Contest archives!

My name is Dave Moore. I invented the Defcon Wifi Shootout Contest in the Spring season of 2003. I pitched the idea to Defcon head-honcho Dark Tangent shortly thereafter. He thought that it sounded like a fun idea, and told me to run with it. The Defcon Wifi Shootout Contest ran for three consecutive years: 2003, 2004 and 2005. Due to extenuating circumstances, I let the official contest website go dark after a while, and laid the contest idea to rest. I've had many requests to post the archives, for the sake of history, so here they are.

World records were set during the contest. Check out page 112 of the Guinness World Records 2006 book. You'll see our contest winners there! Go Ben, Andy and Justin! Their team clobbered the world record the following year, too. Read the archives and you'll see.

I promoted the contests like crazy, and the contests got tons of media coverage and many excellent sponsors, who volunteered cool prize money and boatloads of swag. I felt like the contestants deserved such things; it took a LOT to do our contest. However, this approach bothered some folks as not being "gansta" enough, like we were selling out to "the man," or something. We decided to do it our way, anyway.

The contest was a tremendous amount of fun, and a tremendous amount of work! Ask RussR, the Defcon contest coordinator who helped us throughout the life of the contest. He can tell you all about it!

I am truly honored to have had anything at all to do with the Defcon Wifi Shootout Contest.

Here is the link that will take you to all of the archives:

Defcon Wifi Shootout Contest

Check out the "Previous Contests" link.

Be warned that there may be some broken links on the archive pages. Sorry, it's not my fault if bigshot media sites change their links. They used to be good!

Credits go to:

DT, for giving permission.
RussR, for his help and advice.

2003 CONTEST: my late wife, Michele, who worked like crazy to help make it all happen, and built the final website with the contest results, which we uploaded from our hotel room the day the contest ended via dialup at the Alexis Park; it took like 2 hours to upload! My daughter Anna, who gave her all for the cause; I love you. Stefan, who worked really hard for the contest and designed the original logo and first website. Patrick Norton, who, as he always is, was very cool, gave good advice, and opened many doors.

2004 CONTEST: ASLRulz, the Ham Radio guys and hackers from New York, who helped me sponsor and run the contest. They did the website, too, which was great. Very cool, standup guys and gals. Without their help, the contest would not have happened. ASLRulz!!!

2005 CONTEST: Stefan, Derek and Steve. These guys rock. All OKC2600 and DC405. Derek did all of the logo and website work: excellent! How the final 2005 website with the contest results was posted is a story that can only be told over many beers. It was quite an adventure!

After the 2005 contest, I decided to shut things down, because Michele was sick. I wasn't even going to do 2005, but Michele kept encouraging me on. She was one tough woman! But, after, the 2005 contest, I knew that I had to devote myself completely to more important personal family issues, no matter what Michele said, because Michele was very, very ill. She passed away in June of 2006. That's why the website went dark in 2006. Plus, after the 2005 contest team hit 125 unamplified wifi miles, I figured that the point had been made. What could be next, the moon? Some people on the Defcon forums, bigshot goons and admins, gave me a very hard time for putting my family life ahead of the Defcon "community." I didn't really know how to deal with that type of flamewar mindset. It was very discouraging. Thanks for your help, RussR, in getting me out of that crap. You have a good heart.

Enjoy the archives. There are many associated stories that will never be told, except through personal contact.


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